Bangle Size Guide

Unsure of what bangle size will fit your hands. Below is the helpful guide for you to determine the bangle size that you need. The guide has two options for you to help with the decision or you can use both to double check your results. If you need further help or customized size, feel free to contact us.


Measure with Your Own Good Fitting Bangles

Requirements - Ruler & Bangle
  • Take out any bangles that you already have & is a good fit on your hand/wrist.
  • Measure the inside diameter and compare to the below table
  • As long as you measure the inside diameter & not outer diameter of your current bangles this chart will provide an accurate way to find your bangle size.
Bangle Size (Indian)Inside Diameter


Measure your hand using thread or paper strip

Requirements - Flexible tape measure or a piece of string/paper strip and a ruler.
  • Keep your thumb and little finger together & make your hand as small as possible, as if you are putting on the bangles.
  • Using the tape measure (or string/strip), measure your hand at the widest point (as shown in picture). The tape measure/string/strip should be pulled tight, not loose.
  • Make note of the actual circumference of your hand by marking on the tape/string/strip where it meets the other end. Measure the length with the ruler to get your hand circumference.
  • Compare the measurement to the bangle circumference in below table. While selecting the size compare to the upper size for comfortable fit. For example, if your hand circumference is 183mm then go with 2.6 size (circumference 189.5mm) for comfortable wear.
Bangle Size (Indian)Hand Circumference