5 Types Of Indian Bridal Necklaces You Should Know About

5 Types Of Indian Bridal Necklaces You Should Know About

Indian weddings are a vibrant affair. It’s an event where every element is carefully curated, reflecting tradition and grandeur. One such element that holds a special place is the beautiful Indian bridal necklace. The Indian bridal necklace, a captivating blend of culture and craftsmanship, is not just an accessory but a symbol of heritage and love. The choice of an Indian bridal necklace is far from trivial; it is a meticulous decision that resonates with the bride’s personality and style. 

But, Indian bridal necklaces come in a vast array of styles and designs, offering a diverse selection to choose from. The sheer beauty and diversity of these necklaces make the task of choosing one an exquisite challenge. Taking the task up for you, we have compiled a list of traditional yet trendy Indian bridal necklaces for you.

If you are a bride-to-be on a quest for a perfect look, you are at the right place! Here are 5 types of Indian bridal necklaces you should know about.

Traditional Kundan Necklace

Among the myriad of Indian bridal necklaces, the Kundan necklace stands out as a timeless beauty, rooted in history. Originating in the royal courts of Rajasthan, Kundan jewelry has withstood the test of time. These necklaces boast elaborate settings of uncut gemstones, often set in gold. The intricate craftsmanship and the amalgamation of colorful stones make Kundan necklaces a favorite among brides. Pairing seamlessly with vibrant bridal attire, a Kundan necklace adds a regal touch, making it an essential choice for those who wish to embody the grandeur of Indian traditions on their special day.

Timeless Gold Necklace

In the world of Indian weddings, gold holds not just material value but cultural significance. A gold bridal necklace is more than an accessory; it is an heirloom, passed down through generations. Crafted with meticulous detailing, gold necklaces come in various styles, from delicate chains to bold statement pieces. The craftsmanship and detailing play a crucial role, reflecting the skill and artistry of Indian jewelers. Regional variations in design further add to the diversity, making gold necklaces a versatile choice for brides across the subcontinent.

Polki Necklace

While often confused with Kundan, Polki jewelry possesses its own unique allure. Believed to have originated from the Mughal era, Polki necklaces are crafted from uncut diamonds, giving them a distinct sparkle. Compared to Kundan, Polki jewelry tends to be more unrefined, showcasing the natural beauty of the diamonds. The intricate work and craftsmanship involved in creating Polki necklaces make them a striking choice for brides who seek elegance with a touch of understated glamor. Choosing the right Polki necklace involves understanding the bride’s style and preferences, ensuring a perfect complement to her wedding ensemble.

Temple Jewelry Necklace

Drenched in history and spirituality, Temple jewelry holds a sacred place in Indian culture. Inspired by the grandeur of ancient temples, these Indian bridal necklaces feature religious motifs and intricate detailing. Each piece is a visual ode to tradition, symbolizing not just adornment but a connection to divinity. Temple jewelry necklaces come in various forms, from traditional Lakshmi motifs to intricate peacock designs. Incorporating Temple jewelry into the bridal look adds a touch of divine grace, making it an ideal choice for brides who wish to blend tradition with spirituality.

Trendy Waterfall Necklace

Beyond the classic, the enchanting cascade of a Waterfall Necklace emerges as a trendsetting choice of Indian bridal necklace. The Waterfall Necklace transcends time, offering a blend of elegance and modern flair. From traditional to contemporary bridal looks, the versatility of this Indian bridal necklace is unparalleled, seamlessly complementing a myriad of bridal ensembles. For brides seeking a statement piece, mastering the art of pairing the waterfall necklace with their bridal attire becomes essential, ensuring a harmonious blend of tradition and trend.


The exploration of these five types of Indian bridal necklaces is a journey through time, culture, and craftsmanship. As brides embark on the quest to find their perfect necklace, let it be a reflection of not just beauty, but of the rich heritage that binds them to centuries of tradition. Choose wisely, for the right bridal necklace is not just an accessory; it is a symbol of everlasting elegance and cultural continuity.

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