6 Trendy And Traditional Wedding Rings By Mirana For Bride-To-Be’s

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A wedding is much more than just a ceremony, it’s a union of two souls that is celebrated by family and friends with a number of fun rituals and traditions. One such heartwarming tradition is exchanging wedding rings. The practice of exchanging wedding rings is believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt and has since become a universal gesture that transcends diverse cultures and religions, creating a tangible and timeless connection between spouses. 

In the contemporary landscape of weddings, personalization has become a cornerstone. With the changing times, preferences lead to a shift towards unique and unconventional wedding rings that better reflect the individuality of modern couples. Couples are increasingly seeking ways to celebrate traditional norms and express their distinctive personalities through every aspect of their union, with a focus on the wedding rings that are going to hold a special place in their hearts. 

We at Mirana understand the quest of all the bride-to-be’s to find the perfect wedding ring, hence we have come up with some exciting and unique wedding rings from our collection where their search could end! Here are a few of our wedding rings to check out!

Lia Ruby Green Pearl Carved Stone Ring

A celebration of trend and tradition, Lia Ruby Green Pearl Carved Stone Ring is everything one is looking for. Featuring a square red stone with flower engravings encircled with small CZ diamonds, this beautiful wedding ring gives regal vibes. Taking its beauty to another level, it has a circular pearl below it & covered with CZ diamonds. The pearl ring also has two green stones on both sides, adding a pop of color to the wedding ring.

Gina Red Moissanite Designer Ring

Talking about color and not mentioning the beautiful Gina Red Moissanite Designer Ring? Another wonderful wedding ring designed by Mirana, it is made up of Kundan and Imitation stones. The wedding ring has one big round Kundan and encircling it are red stones in the shape of petals which gives the wedding ring the look of a colorful flower. If you want to pair it with matching studs then we have Gina Red Moissanite Designer Studs listed on the website.

Arshia Ruby Antique Kundan Ring

Who said wedding rings can only have rectangular or circular design? We at Mirana bring you nature’s beauty in wedding rings in a unique form. Our Arshia Ruby Antique Kundan Ring is an epitome of elegance with a design reflecting peacock. Made out of copper based alloy with gold plating, this wedding ring marvels at the detailed craftsmanship. Using two Kundan stones in the shade of white and pink in its design, this wedding ring has detailed designing done on it. The metallic part is designed to give it the look of Peacock feathers, and the stones are used as the focal points of the peacock’s face.

Tulip Flower Designer Ring

True to its name, Tulip Flower Designer Ring by Mirana possesses the beauty of nothing less than a Tulip. Made out of various shapes of CZ stones, the center of this wedding ring offers three different plating options to choose from – rose gold, rhodium and gold. Encircling the center are overlapping oval petals of CZ stones, giving the finishing touches to the wedding ring.

Fairy Cocktail Ring

Just like Our Tulip Flower Designer Ring, Fairy Cocktail Ring also comes in three platings to choose from – rose gold, rhodium and gold. Where it stands out is the shade of the plating is not limited to only the center of the ring, the edgy petals of this unique wedding ring also feature the shade of the plating in the CZ stones that are used. The color, the shape and the design, everything about this beautiful wedding ring stands out.

Nayanika Multi Polki Designer Ring

Showcasing the beauty of traditional Navratna in its design that depicts an engraving on the walls of a historic monument, our Nayanika Multi Polki Designer Ring is one for those who admire the royalty of the rich history of our country. Gold plating on the design further enhances the beauty of various colored stones depicting Navratna look paired with polki encircling the design. Rich and regal, this wedding ring is a showstopper in every way.

These are just a few to name, explore our more unique options below, embrace the extraordinary, and make your wedding day truly unforgettable. After all, your choice of wedding rings is an opportunity to showcase the unique story that binds you together, forever.

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