The Ultimate Guide to Grace Your Saree with Indian jewelry

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India, the land of diverse cultures, has a rich heritage of fashion that dates to centuries. Indian fashion has enthralled the world with its beauty and elegance. It is recognized for its sewing and weaving methods around the globe, and the saree is one of its most recognized creations. Saree is not only a piece of clothing but is also often termed as a symbol of Indian culture, heritage and feminine grace. It made its first appearance before 5000 years and has stood strong against the test of time since then! This elegant attire looks even more beautiful when paired with Indian jewelry. 

Indian Jewelry – Adding to the Elegance of Saree

Indian jewelry can elevate the beauty of any attire in an instant. Saree feels a bit more complete when paired with Indian traditional jewelry for saree. It not only complements the saree but also accentuates its beauty by adding texture, color, and sparkle to the attire. Made from a multitude of materials such as gold, silver, and precious stones, different types of Indian jewelry create a synergy to add appeal to the ensemble. There are various options to choose from, read along while we share a snippet about Indian traditional jewelry for saree.

Indian Kundan Jewelry with Saree.

Necklaces – Edgy and Elegant Indian jewelry

Necklaces have been an important part of Indian jewelry for centuries, with different designs catering to different tastes. Necklaces combine the best of both worlds, featuring intricate metal work to simple chains and serving various types. From chokers to long chains, necklaces create a modern look while still staying true to India’s rich cultural heritage. Elevating the beauty of saree, diamond necklace or gold necklace are exceptional to pair with it. They are an impeccable representation of luxury and sophistication. They alone are capable of giving a finished look. If you are wearing a saree for a social function or for a formal meeting, choose a heavy long necklace or a simple chain pendant respectively to nail the look!

Earrings – Exquisite and Glistening Indian Jewelry

Earrings have long been a staple of jewelry boxes, adding a touch of glamour and elegance to any outfit. Made from a multitude of materials, these earrings can come in all shapes and sizes; from delicate dangles to extravagant chandeliers that sparkle with every movement. There are different types of earrings in Indian jewelry namely Jhumka, Chandbali, hoops, and dangle earrings which are very often styled as saree jewelry. The size and shape of the earring depend on the occasion. For example, a pearl stud would be a right choice for a formal look, whereas Jhumka would land you a traditional and glamorous look!

Hand Accessory – Tender and Luminous Indian Jewelry

Hand accessory in Indian jewelry is an integral part of traditional attire and has been worn by women for centuries. There are bangles, bracelets, hathphool, and finger rings studded with diamonds and emeralds, femininity, gracefulness, and beauty while complementing the attire. Bangles and bracelets are typically worn on both arms. Hathphool is a hand accessory worn at the back of the palm, typically featuring five rings connected by chains or beads and is adorned with gemstones like diamonds, pearls, and emeralds. Bracelets can easily be termed as an everyday accessory, while bangles or Hathphool look elegant and stylish when worn on a special social occasion like wedding or other festivities.

Ankle Wears – Dazzling and Marvelous Indian Jewelry

In Indian jewelry, anklets and toe rings hold a significant cultural value. These ankle wears are traditionally handcrafted using gold or silver and adorned with intricate designs that depict symbols of fertility, prosperity, and happiness. The practice of wearing toe rings is also often associated with marriage, where married women wear them on their second toes as a symbol of their marital status. Similarly, anklets are worn by women throughout India as fashion statements. Overall, both anklets and toe rings bring beauty, tradition, and spirituality into Indian jewelry. Though they might not make a visible appearance to the overall look, they do bring aesthetics to the table.

Hair Accessories – Antique and Artisanal Indian Jewelry

Indian jewelry stands out when they incorporate hair accessories as well to their ensemble. Hair accessories are an essential element of Indian jewelry, comprising a range of embellishments that add to the beauty and elegance of traditional hairstyles. From ornate hair or bun pins, Maang-Tikka, Jhoomar (Passa) Mathapatti or forehead ornaments. Maang Tikka and Jhoomar are the most commonly used hair ornaments. A Maang Tikka is worn in the center of the forehead, while a Passa hangs on one side of the head and connects to the hair near the ear. Typically worn on special occasions, these accessories have been used for centuries and continue to be a significant part of Indian culture.

When it comes to saree, it often feels incomplete without the right set of Indian jewelry.  The perfect blend of traditional and artisanal pieces of Indian jewelry can enhance any look in seconds. Planning to wear a saree? Don’t forget to pick accessories that create a cohesive look while looking just as beautiful and rich as your saree is and yes, don’t forget to have fun experimenting! The rise of the internet era has made saree jewelry online available, giving you the comfort of shopping sitting at the comfort of your home. Looking for a perfect place to buy Indian jewelry from?  You know where to find us!!

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