Top Stunning Indian Bangles Designs to Enhance Your Ethnic Look

Top Stunning Indian Bangles Designs to Enhance Your Ethnic Look

Indian bangles, also known as “chudiyan” or “kangan”, are an integral part of Indian culture and fashion. They have been adorning the wrists of Indian women for centuries, adding a touch of elegance, charm and tradition to their outfits. From simple everyday wear to elaborate designs for special occasions, Indian bangles come in a variety of styles, materials and craftsmanship. If you want to take your ethnic look even further, here are the top 10 stunning artificial jewelry Indian bangle designs that you should consider:

Traditional Gold Bangles:

There is nothing more timeless than a pair of traditional gold bangles. These bangles are often intricately designed with filigree work, intricate patterns and embellishments such as beads, gems or enamel. They are perfect for weddings, festivals or any grand event where you want to make a statement. 

Kundan Bangles:

Kundan is a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewelry that originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan. Kundan bangles are crafted using a technique in which gemstones are embedded in gold foil, creating a luxurious, regal look. These bangles often feature intricate designs with colored gemstones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires, making them perfect for weddings and other formal occasions.

Antique Bangles:

Antique bangles have a vintage charm that adds a unique character to any outfit. These bangles are often made from oxidized silver or brass and feature intricate designs inspired by traditional motifs like peacock, elephant or floral patterns. They are perfect for adding a touch of old-fashioned charm to your ethnic ensemble.

Meenakari Bangles:

Meenakari is a traditional way of doing enamel work that originated in Rajasthan. Meenakari bangles are crafted using brightly colored enamel that is applied to the surface of gold or silver bangles, creating intricate designs and patterns. These bangles are perfect for adding a pop of color to your outfit and are ideal for festive occasions.

Pearl Bangles:

Pearl bangles are classic and timeless, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. These bangles are made of bright pearls that are either strung together or set in a gold or silver setting. Pearl bangles are perfect for formal occasions like weddings, receptions or cocktail parties where you want to exude elegance and grace.

Diamond Bangles

For those who love a touch of luxury, diamond bangles are the perfect choice. These bangles feature sparkling diamonds set in gold or platinum, creating a dazzling effect. Diamond bangles can range from simple, dainty designs to more elaborate patterns. They are ideal for weddings, parties, and other formal events, adding a sophisticated sparkle to your ethnic look.


Indian bangles are not just accessories; they are a symbol of tradition, culture and heritage. Whether you prefer classic designs or modern styles, there is a wide range of Indian bangles available to suit every taste and occasion. So, go ahead and enhance your ethnic look with these stunning Indian bangles designs that will surely grab everyone’s attention and make you feel like royalty.

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